He was born in Vlora, Albania, on 4th of  January 1976.

Fatmir Mura immediately developed a great passion for music and studied accordion until adolescence.
From 1994 he moved to Athens, Greece and here a real and complete artistic training begins. In fact, in these years, Fatmir studies theater, Latin American dance, pantomime. Still in Greece, he finally faces the world of magic and illusionism.

It is immediately love, and it is at this point that he decides to move to Italy to follow his destiny.

The accumulated experiences and the acquired abilities are his baggage. The need to convey emotions is the characteristic that unites each artist. He has finally found the means that are most congenial to him.

He is an absolute entertainer able to convey emotions through the body language.  Sand Art is a new art form most interesting of the last decade . A new trend that has rapidly spread throughout the world.

Fatmir Mura creates with his hands extraordinary and unique designs that can engage people of all ages and to transport the audience into a magical atmosphere of great visual and emotional impact .  It knows no language barriers, an amazing sight , memorable and successful. Drawings of sand are accompanied by beautiful music synchronized with the artist’s hands playing with sand as a sort of dance. The images appear and disappear , creating an original narrative and personalized.

Fatmir can be used as the perfect way to launch a new product or to impress guests at any corporate or private function, Gala Dinners, Corporate Conferences, Logo Launches, Weddings , Marriage Anniversaries, Congress, Fashion Shows, Live Concerts, Conferences, Television, Theatre and more…..

Fatmir it is available to perform all types of events. He is Also Able to prepare custom sand drawings for large and small companies .